I was reading the paper, er . . . well, internet today.

“Congress on Wednesday sent to President Obama a bill that makes it tougher for credit card issuers to raise fees and interest rates.”

Well, it’s about time. Those credit card thieves need a good swift kick.

That’s good news. Let me read on.

“(Carolyn) Maloney (D – NY) added that she thought it was unfortunate that the measure to allow concealed weapons in national parks remained as part of the credit card measure.”


What was that?

The credit card “measure” will allow us to tote concealed weapons in the national parks? That can’t be right.

“Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) sponsored the amendment, which would allow any park visitor to bring in loaded weapons if the weapons would be legal in the rest of that state.”

What the . . .?

“In January, the Bush administration changed the rule, allowing licensed gun owners to bring in weapons. That rule was struck down in March by a U.S. District Court judge . . .”

Please, no more Bushshit. I’ve had all I can take.


Voodoo SoccerIsn’t Blockbuster a US company? Showing just how US companies don’t give a crap about the United States, Blockbuster has hexed the United States national soccer team. Just what those overachieving Americans did to Blockbuster, who knows. Maybe they all subscribe to Netflix.

Anyway, back to the hex. Mexico plays the US for the World Cup qualifier Wednesday. And no, it’s not in Mexico City or anything . . . it’s in Columbus, Ohio. And Blockbuster is handing out voodoo dolls, the likeness of the US soccer players, with “Gringos” on the back of the jersey. And it has instructions:

“Hold a needle firmly between your thumb and index finger and prick slowly the part of the doll where you want to affect the opponent.”

Can you imagine all the writhing US soccer players on Wednesday? I might just have to tune in.

In this post 9/11 world; you know, the “need to be scared shitless of terrorism and murders” world we live in, you would think Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents would be busy. I sorta envisioned them fighting, well, terrorist and murders and making sure all those western antigovernment groups are not stockpiling nuclear weapons.  Sadly, apparently, they are not.

They are, however, highly concerned about a restaurant committing the highest sin – giving away a big screen TV for the Super Bowl.

You see, this restaurant was running a contest to win a big screen TV for the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, they didn’t put the standard disclaimer “No purchase necessary to enter”.  Well, such a sin came to the attention of the ATF.

Enter Agent.  We pick him up as he nonchalantly walks to the counter; he doesn’t want to be discovered in this super secret mission.

Agent stares at the menu to divert his real purpose. He pretends to notice the big sign on that really nice Big Screen TV.  He causally asks the Just Out Of High School Cashier “Hey, do I have to buy something to win that really nice Big Screen TV?”

“Ah, yeah, I think so”, ekes out of the Just Out Of High School Cashier.

Well, well, that’s subversive activity and Ding Ding Ding — here’s your citation; and whammo – I’m confiscating your big screen TV.

Don’t they have anything better to do that harass restaurants?  Or maybe, he just wanted a Big Screen TV. Either way, it’s a pathetic.

The video was great. A group of thieves using two pickup trucks and a front-end loader lifted an ATM out of a wall at the Cleveland bank. I laughed.

Then I wondered why. Not that the thieves pinched an ATM but why I laughed. I should have been horrified at the theft. But I wasn’t. I kinda liked it.

It was great. Someone ripped off a bank.

No amount of rationalization could overcome the smug sense that it was a bank getting its just desserts. After all, this was the industry that rewrote the laws so they could steal from their customers, the industry that hikes up fees for no reason at all, the industry that snopes into people’s buying history so they can hike up those fees more and the industry that stole billions in bail out money.

Take that bank!

I loved airports as a kid. Excitement everywhere – the sounds of jet engines, the possibilities when I looked at the departure board, the anticipation that, one day, I would travel everywhere.

Now, as I sit in an airport, I still like them; but for different reasons. I like wondering about the elderly man with an IPOD that seems out of time; or, the fat business man with what is sure to be a first class ticket; or the couple waiting in anticipation to go to the big BCS Championship game – his brother  a coach for OU. Now, as I’m older, it is people that amaze me in airports;

Well, and the possibilities as I look at the departure board;

and,  go Sooners.

Anything I want – hey, its my blog.  But I like travel, law, wine, writing, food and photography and maybe a little bit of other stuff too.

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